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Privacy Policy

The safety and privacy of all users of this website and all customers of our company are our priority and we do our best to maintain and ensure them. It is our responsibility to never release your personal information, data, and information about you to third parties and outside companies for mailing and marketing purposes. On some occasions, the company may contact you by sending a message to the e-mail address you provided during registration as a user of this website. The messages sent to you will contain offers and some information you may find interesting and helpful.

If you don't want to receive such e-mail messages, you can unsubscribe anytime you want by following the un-subscription instructions you will find in this e-mail message. All personal information and data gathered about you by the company, including all personal information provided by you to the company during the registration process and the checkout process when making a purchase from this website is gathered and collected in accordance with the applicable law and with the General Data Protection Regulation. In case of additional questions and queries about how we collect, store, and use your personal data and information, do not hesitate to contact our customer service team. 

Data Collection

All personal data and information we collect from the company's customers and the users of this website, including full name, address, e-mail address, telephone number, and similar personal details that may be required during registration to this website, is used and stored by us in compliance with the applicable data protection law. All personal data and information you have provided are used only by Flooring Centre Ltd.

We collect your personal information and data in order to enable you to make purchases from our website and use our website and all portions of it. All personal information and data you provide will not be used for and shared with third parties with the exception of delivery and courier companies we work with for sending your orders to you. We provide the minimum personal information required for making a safe and standard delivery to you whenever we are providing your personal information to delivery companies. All personal information and data you provided is and will be stored in the company's database for a maximum of five years or to the moment you ask us to delete it or have it removed from our database. In order to do so, please contact our customer service team.

You have the right to export your personal information and data from our database, and ask the company to have your personal information and data changed, updated, or completely removed. All personal data and information our employees come in contact with is the bare minimum required for enabling them to carry out their work-related tasks. Our employees are required by a contract to never use, or release their personal information and data to third parties and outside of the company. Flooring Centre Ltd. does not collect sensitive data such as origin, ethnicity, sexual preference, etc.

Security of Transactions

The online payments to the company are facilitated by SagePay. SagePay is UK's leading online solutions merchant and we use it for processing your credit and debit card payments. SagePay guarantees that all of your credit or debit card data will be processed on secure servers. 

How We Use Cookies

We can find a Basket/Cart facility on our website. This is made to ensure a more authentic and enjoyable shopping experience for you on this website. This feature of the website is highly dependent on cookies. Cookies store elements of all goods you are purchasing from the website. The cookie will be deleted immediately after the sale is made. No personal information and data about you are stored in these cookies, they work only as a reference number that we use to be able to identify all goods and items you have added to the basket.

We also use cookies for identifying the pages of the website that have been visited and used. We use these cookies to analyse and better understand the traffic to our website. This helps us to further improve your shopping experience, and improve the efficiency of our website.

You have the full right to accept and decline cookies when using this website anytime you want. Most of the web browsers enabling visits to our website automatically accept cookies. You can further change the web browser you are using or the settings of the web browser you are using. Keep in mind that doing so may prevent you from using some functions of this website. 

We use cookies we use on this website and do not allow us access to your electronic devices or any personal information about you. We use cookies to improve your overall experience with this website and make sure you find all pages of this website helpful and useful.

Continuing to use our website means you are agreeing to the cookies we use as described above. In case you do not agree with us using these cookies, make sure to disable or restrict them by following the instructions of the settings of the web browser you are using for visiting our website.